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Sophomore team
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What do you enjoy most about basketball and/or the team?
“I love the teamwork as well as it’s closeness and how a win reflects a team win as shown by the celebrations on the bus and a loss is a team loss.”

What is your favorite basketball quote and why?
“ 'You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.' I like this because it relates so accurately to basketball and additionally it is our team’s quote since they always said it especially during our freshman season.”

What basketball skill would you like to instantly attain/improve and why?
“I would like to practice driving in and not be afraid of it.”

What is your nickname and why?
“Jaz or Jazzypants because the latter since one of my teammates thought it would b fun and it stuck. The first one because it’s shorter than my three-syllable Jasmina name.”

What is your favorite TV show and why?
“ ‘Gossip Girl’ because it is so dramatic and makes you attached to the characters and their stories.”

What is something most people don’t know about you?
“I have a black belt in tae kwon do."



What do you enjoy most about basketball and/or the team?
“My favorite part of basketball is the environment at practice and games. The excitement and energy at every event. My teammates are truly amazing and everyone is so kind! It is definitely an intense and vigorous environment, but many times it is also solely fun and energizing.”

What are your favorite basketball quotes?
“ ' The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot' – Bill Russell - 'Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is' – Vince Lombardi - 'It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up' – Babe Ruth."

What basketball skill would you like to instantly improve?
“If I could immediately improve on one skill, it would be shooting with someone right in front of me. It would definitely be helpful for games!”

What are your college plans?
“I hope to major in either Pre-Veterinarian Studies or in Animal Sciences.”



What is your funniest basketball moment?
“Freshman year when the team was in a huddle right before our first game. My coach told me to do the ‘Devils on Three’ cheer for the first time. I screamed the cheer so loud and caught everyone by surprise. I might have burst everyone’s eardrums that day because some of my teammates claimed they could still hear ringing in their ears after the game.”

What basketball advice would you give to freshmen?
“Some advice I would give to freshmen for next year is to be prepared to work a lot harder and to get some practice in on your own time to develop your game because the sophomore level basketball is a lot different from the freshman level.”

How do you hope you are characterized as a basketball player?
“Even though I might not be the most skilled player on the court, I hope that I am characterized as a hard worker in practices as well as in games. I also hope that I am characterized by my attitude because I try to always be positive and never give up no matter what the score is.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t on the basketball team?
“If I was not on the basketball team I would be doing Polar Bear Club with the rest of my track teammates.”

What is something most people don’t know about you?
“A lot of people don't know that I am in choir. I never sing in public because I'm so used to Reilly (my older sister) singing over me!”

What superpower would you like to acquire and why?
“I would want to be able to fly because I could avoid all the traffic in the morning and never be late to school.”

What three words best describe you?
“Hyper, because I always have a ton of energy, funny, because I try tell jokes often, and determined, because I am very dedicated to all the sports I play and to improving my skills so I can be the best athlete I can be.”



Why did you join basketball as a freshman?
“I joined because I had played all through middle school and wanted to play in high school because I love the game. Also, I knew I could meet some really cool people on the team and that I could make friends who have similar interests as me.”

What is your favorite saying by a basketball coach?
" ‘Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are,’ -- John Wooden. My lacrosse coach in seventh grade had us read "Wooden" the book, even though it was about basketball, to help teach us important life lessons and this is the one that is still stuck with me all these years later. It sticks out because I think it really explains that you need to focus on who you really are not who people think you are.”

What basketball skill would you like to instantly attain?

“I would like to get better at my ball handling under extreme pressure so that I could help move the offense more smoothly and make more happen on our end of the court.”

What is your favorite movie?
“ ‘The Sandlot,’ because I like sports and the main conflict is witty and entertaining. Also, I like the ending where the main character decides to step up and become a hero solely because Babe Ruth told him to.”

What is your favorite movie quote?
“ ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.’ -- Forrest Gump. I like the quote because for one, I love chocolate. But also because it shows that you never know what life will hand you, but you need to make the best out of it.”

What other school activities are you proud of?
“I was on JV I girls lacrosse last year. I really enjoyed playing for the school's team and I plan to play until I graduate.”



What is your greatest or most memorable basketball moment? “When I was in sixth grade and I hit a buzzer-beater to help my sister and cousin's eighth grade team get their first win in two seasons.”

What basketball accomplishment are you most proud of?
“Beating (Lyons Township) freshman year and getting second in conference.”

What do you enjoy most about basketball and the team?
“Playing in games and having such great teammates.”

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite movie?
“ ‘Miracle,’ because it's inspirational and shows what hard work can do.”

What other school activities are you proud of?

Freshman team
Player profiles



Why did you join basketball as a freshman?
“I joined basketball because I wanted to meet new people with the same interests, gain experience and challenge myself. I just started to play in 2017 and I soon realized that it’s really something I like to do. It was the first time I tried out for a sport and I really didn’t have expectations. Everyone in the program is super nice and I really learned a lot.”

How has last year’s basketball season affected your outlook/approach toward this season?
“Eighth grade season was really bad. We didn’t have to try out and unfortunately lost all our games… yup, every single one. Though I loved being with the team and going to other schools, all that inspired me to put in more effort for the next season, work on my shots and dribbling, just do my best in games and don’t take anything for granted. Looking forward to this year’s season, I knew that just going to practice wasn’t enough and that you have to put in work on your own, too. I’d say preseason prepared me pretty good for that.”

What is your favorite saying by a basketball coach?
“ ‘Hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard,’ because it inspires me a lot and somehow it’s stuck in my mind and I never forget it. It’s just so true and you don’t necessarily need to have talent if you put in enough effort and set goals for yourself.”

What are your most memorable basketball moments?
“I have three. 1. The first time I scored in a game, because it was last minute, I didn’t think it would go in AND it was a three-pointer. 2. Then I really wanted to have a game versus our boys team because they always used to say they were way better so I convinced both coaches and they arranged it. When the day came and I got to play, I had the ball and one of the guys was trying to steal it from me and his shoulder and my cheek collided. My eye felt hot and it was swelling a lot but I kept playing for like three minutes until one of the coaches saw it and sent me home. That was the most memorable one because I had the black eye for almost two months and it made me look tough. I wanted to play them so bad and got sent home. 3. The last time I scored because it was the first time I scored for Central at a home game.”

What is your nickname?
“It’s Chi (pronounced key) and I think it’s just a shorter way to say my name. Friends started to call me this when I was younger. I don’t remember who made it up.”

What activity do you miss during basketball season?
“SLEEP. Just sleep!! I’m fine with everything else.”

What is your favorite TV show?
“ ‘One Tree Hill’ because it’s about basketball (tryouts, practice, games, teamwork, illnesses, etc.) and about high school/teenage life. I found myself in a lot of those scenarios and there are a ton of inspiring quotes included.” What would you be doing if you weren’t on the basketball team? “I seriously don’t know. I’d probably go to sleep earlier and hang out with friends sometimes but there’s nothing specific I’d do that I can’t do right now.”

Have you had an encounter with someone famous?
“Well, I met Shawn Mendes’ dad once and we talked for a little bit. He is super nice and I couldn’t be more thankful for that day. I gave him a seven-page letter I wrote and he promised to give it to Shawn.”

What living person would you like to meet?
“Shawn Mendes because he’s amazing and so relatable. He became famous through the App Vine when he was about my age and that’s pretty awesome. He’s adorable. I went to his concert before and I just love him. Haha.”

What are your college plans?
“I’m pretty sure I want to do sports management as a major because I just love sports and I tried a lot and it just seems so much fun.”

What is something most people/teammates don’t know about you?
“I just moved here from Germany in summer 2016 and I gave a graduation speech for my middle school last year.”

What other school teams are you proud of?
“The freshman football team because they had a really good season. I’ve been to most of their games and it’s just fun to watch them play. They work as a team even though they came from different schools or just started to play. They put in effort and they improved a lot.”

What superpower would you like to acquire and why?
“Can’t decide between being able to fly, being invisible or able to read minds. They’re all kinda awesome but also creepy.”

What three words best describe you?
“Ambitious, Competitive and Smart. Because I don’t give up and I always wanna get better.”



What do you enjoy most about basketball and the team?
“I love all of basketball but my favorite part is that my team feels like a second family.”

What is your funniest basketball memory?
"A basketball got stuck on the rim and me and Kacey decided to pull a cheerleader stunt and get it Turns out we aren't too good at cheerleading and we both fell.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t on the basketball team?
"Volunteering at a vet clinic.”

What are your college plans?
“I am going to go to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to become a vet.”

Do you have a prized possession?
"My family because they are always there for me even when I mess up."



What is your funniest basketball moment?
“Getting yelled at by a ref in front of everyone in a silent gym.”

What is your favorite saying by a basketball coach?
“ ‘Focus’ - Coach Rogala."

What basketball skill would you like to instantly attain?
“I’d like to be able to make every half-court shot I shoot.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t on the basketball team?
“I’d be on a travel badminton team.”

What living person would like to meet?
“Santa because he is in all the movies and I’ve heard so much about him.”